30 Hadith for Children

Title 30 Hadith for Children (Revised Edition)
Compiled By Dakwah Corner Publications
Edited By Sakinah Mohamad Alhabshi

30 Hadith

I’ve dreamt of getting a book of Hadith [Sayings and Doings of the Prophet (SAW)] for the reading pleasure of my children and I. I found that in the 30 Hadith for children. It contains 30 Hadith from the collection of many and has a beautifully illustrated glossy cover. The hadith included various character and habit traits such as forbiddance of backbiting, rights of a neighbour, treating well even a disbelieving mother, signs of hypocrisy, beauty versus arrogance and so much more.
This book touched on most of the fundamental and needed good manners required by our children in this era of self-indulgence and lewdness.
The book layout is also captivating. Each hadith is written in Arabic followed by the English translation, a brief history of the narrator, lessons and then a discussion corner.
The discussion corner is my children’s favourite. They are always looking forward to it after the particular hadith read out because of the practical questions. Children also know names and brief histories of the Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet) as they learn the hadith.
I love this book primarily because it improves the bonding with my kids and I also got to learn as I read to them.
Mothers looking for ways to bond with their children can definitely try it. Find a few minutes, get a comfortable place (I usually sit with my kids on the mats to enjoy it!) and take it on from there. Fathers aren’t left out too.

What are the ways you bond with your children? Do drop a comment or two below to share.

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  1. Asalamualaykum warahamotulahi wabarakatuhu .jazakhumlahukhairan for this beautiful review. Bonding with my son takes different dimensions, as a working mum somtimes when he gets back from school and we chit chat about the days activities, or when I put him through his quranic memorization, also when am cooking.

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