All About Akhlaaq Review

All About Akhlaaq Book Cover All About Akhlaaq
Sr. Nafees Khan
IB Publisher Inc.

This was one of the books I’ve enjoyed reading with my children. I started the tradition of having it read out loud after Fajr prayer each day. This book gave a fun way for the children to learn the moral values and good manners required of them to inculcate as they grow up.

The author of All about Akhlaaq used a combination of illustrations and skits between teacher and pupils and skits between friends to pass on the messages. The style got the attention of my kids whenever we learnt one more moral lesson. After each skit, a box at the end recaps a particular lesson taught with a hadith for backup.

A few of the values and good manners included were Forgiveness, Honesty, Justice, Keeping a promise, Lying, Respect and so on.

I especially loved the simple ways the moral lessons were passed through illustrations and clear English.

I recommend the book for families who want fun ways of impacting moral values to their children, and for teachers, as a handy book of valuable lessons to teach pupils by acting it out.

All about Akhlaaq can be purchased online at this link.

What other books with moral values have you read on your own or with your children?


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