I am not a typical phone application (App) crazy person, but I’ve come to love some of them that keep my life simple and productive. I always look out for ways to ease everyday stress and be more productive with my time.
Following a hadith which says: “Not a single dawn breaks out without two (2) angels calling out. “O! Son of Adam, I am a new day and I witness your actions, so make the best out of me because I will never come back till the day of judgement.”

Each and every one of us need to guard our time jealously in order to attain success.
Here are some of the Apps I use daily on my mobile phones and hope you find them useful.

• Pocket
This app allows you to save pictures, articles, videos and much more. See what you like, just click to save and view later, it’s as simple as that! It also has recommendation section based on your selection of topics most pleasing to you. I am using mine on an android phone and equally have it on my laptop which syncs to harmonise all content. You can download free from Play Store.

• Amazon Audible
This is one of my favourite! Since I’m a bookworm, I love to get through a lot of reading within a short time. But where’s the time to read all paperback? Hence, the reason I decided to subscribe for audible so that I could get to listen to my books on the go. Brilliant, isn’t it? You need to subscribe for a monthly fee whereby you’re given a credit to get any book from audible store after the end of each month. Do give it a try. There is a 30 day free trial- what more could you ask for?

• Andro Money
Andro Money is one of the best personal finance management and expense tracker on android. There’s a free one on play store but I’m using the Pro one. It’s been simply amazing. Just give it a go and I’m sure you’ll not regret it.

• 24Me
How do I stress the awesome-ness of this app? I love it. It’s a personal assistant in your phone tracking all your to-do which could be tagged under personal, household, work and many more additions to suit your need. You can also track your events. A complete P.A. at your beck and call! It can be downloaded free from play store on an android phone.

• Evernote
This app is a wonderful piece of work! I save all my saveable there. Whenever I come across any item- such as beautiful pictures, inspirational notes, du’as, links and pictures from websites, I save directly. It’s super easy to use. I also have my bank account details (I prefer not to bother my head with numerous numbers memorisation) snapshots of recipes etc. saved on it.
The amazing thing about this app is that you can sync to any of your devices. I usually sync with my laptop.

• Office Mobile
Office mobile is a mini/mobile version of the Microsoft office desktop. It allows you to use the Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint to analyse data on the go across devices with local and cloud storage options. You can build, share and present notes and figures and print right from your phone. Isn’t that awesome!

• Wondershare Mobile Go
This is another of my favourite apps which I love so much! I wonder what I would have done without it. It cleans and boosts memory by killing unused processes, residual files and boost app. It could be annoying when your phone storage keeps preventing you from downloading productive apps due to low space. Go ahead and download this app from Playstore.

• LumoWell Flat Stomach & 7minute workout
As a working person who is on the move early in the morning, there is usually no much time for a workout. Hence, the reason I use this 7 minute and flat stomach workout app. It includes a virtual trainer giving instructions and description of each exercise, with videos, a daily diet & easy meal plans, statistics, challenges and other resources. It also boasts of social where you can share your workouts with friends and family on facebook or invite them.

What apps are making your daily routine seamless? Do share your thoughts below.

4 thoughts on “APPS THAT KEEP ME GOING!

  1. Nice. Technology can really make life easier. Unfortunately am so poor in d techie arena, I probably use less than 30% of d apps on my phone. But this post will certainly encourage me to try my hands on more applications.

    1. JazakAllahu khairan Sis Zulaiha for you coment. It happens to most of us- not optimally using our gadgets. Try any of the mentioned apps. One at a time and go from there. They make life less stressful :).

  2. This post is really encouraging. As much as I don’t have the patience to utilise most app in my phone, am really excited to give some of the apps above. Most especially the Amazon audible. Jazakillah khair sis for sharing.

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