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Dec 07

Zainab- Daughter of the Prophet

Title: Zainab Series: Daughter of the Prophet Author: Sr. Nafees Khan Genre: Children Publisher: Goodword Books Release Date: 2016 Pages: 32   I have wanted to review a book on Zainab (R.A.), one of the Prophet’s daughters and couldn’t until I found this book at the Peace & Unity Convention I attended on the 3rd …

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Nov 09

The Windy Hill- Story 10

Wendell Wind loved to listen to the whispers and howls he made by blowing through the oaks’ branches. Because the oak trees grew on the hilltop, Wendell played his music whenever he wanted. His winds blew more and more. Otis Oak Tree pleaded, “Wendell, could you reduce your wind power? You’re ruining our blooms. Our …

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Oct 19

The Lazy Bird

A story about doing things right the first time. Melody the lark thought she was ready for winter, until a crow showed up in the middle of the night… Melody the singing lark lived in a perfect world! Melody lived in Happy Town and was the only bird to call that part of town home. …

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Oct 10

The Playful Pup (Short Story 8)

The Playful Pup A Story about how helping others lifts your spirits. Donnie Dog thought he lived a fulfilling life, until Bonnie Bulldog nearly lost hers… Donnie Dog and Prant Pup were next-door neighbors. They spent their days playing outdoors and exploring. Often, they chased the AbdusSobur’s cat or cornered squirrels high in the big …

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Oct 03

All About Akhlaaq Review

Title: All About Akhlaaq Author: Sr. Nafees Khan Genre: Children Publisher: IB Publisher Inc. Release Date: 2012 Format: Hardcover Pages: 55 This was one of the books I’ve enjoyed reading with my children. I started the tradition of having it read out loud after Fajr prayer each day. This book gave a fun way for …

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Sep 26

Open Your Mind and Thrive (Short Story 7)

A story about the benefits of an open mind. Meem Marsh Wren argued against new ideas until his friends found great success by embracing a satisfying new adventure while he just went hungry… Bonnie and Benny, Blue Herons, liked to explore new things and places. They recently heard about how cattail plants were growing in …

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Sep 19

A Mouse Full of Fears (Story 6)

A story about overcoming insecurities in order to give back to a friend Dida Mouse was afraid she didn’t measure up. Would inviting over her friend prove she was right? Dida Mouse chattered excitedly to her mother about her new friend. “Sonya Mouse is kind and easy to be with. We have many things in …

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Sep 12

7 Hacks For Memorisation


Sep 08

The Hesitant Flower (Story 5)

Title: The Hesitant Flower Author: Raheemah Odusote Genre: Adult Release Date: 8th September 2016 Format: ebook Pages: 5 A Story about the importance of communicating feelings Imran Iris was crazy about Leenah Lily, but he was afraid to tell her how he felt. Was Imran doomed to be alone forever? “Leenah is so beautiful,” Imran …

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Sep 02

How to Raise Better-Behaved Children

Title: How to Raise Better-Behaved Children Author: Suruurah Olayinka Ogunfemi Format: Paperback The book is written by one of the sisters I know for a while now, and I’ve attended some of her training workshops. She is dedicated to helping parents to overcome parenting woes and stress that abound in various homes, be it, sibling …

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