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Apr 12

My Life As It Is…Series VI

Laila is someone that I love dearly because she is the only sister I have. When she was born, it was as if the sun shone rays of light onto our house and made it much more radiant and brighter. Laila relied so much on all of us, her brothers to get things done. If …

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Mar 24

My Life As It Is…Series V

I have come to a crossroad in my life where I need to make a life-changing decision for myself alone. There are some self-evaluation tests I need to go through. There are loads of questions I need to get answered before I could forge ahead. Am I ready to do all these seemingly insurmountable tasks? …

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Mar 16

My Life As It Is…Series IV

The sound of the alarm brought me back to reality from my sojourn into the past that still gives me the jitters whenever I remember. At the ripe age of 25, I was still holding onto the past so much that it has refused to allow me to forge ahead in my life. I stared …

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Nov 09

The Windy Hill- Story 10

Wendell Wind loved to listen to the whispers and howls he made by blowing through the oaks’ branches. Because the oak trees grew on the hilltop, Wendell played his music whenever he wanted. His winds blew more and more. Otis Oak Tree pleaded, “Wendell, could you reduce your wind power? You’re ruining our blooms. Our …

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Sep 12

7 Hacks For Memorisation