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Mar 01

My Life As It Is… Series II

..”Yes, mother,” we all chorused as my brothers and I lined up just outside the kitchen door with mother holding a stick cream in colour and as thick as my middle finger. Mother gave it a name too- Mr White. When you hear – ‘ get me Mr White’ then get ready for a painful …

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Feb 20

My Life As It Is…

MY LIFE AS IT IS…. SERIES I Laila looked to her left, then her right, her eyes glowing like the flame of fire in the semi-darkness. She walked the short distance from her room to the kitchen door with her threads soundless because she was barefooted and tip-toeing like a ballerina on display. Her posture …

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Jan 23


Harun remembered the advice his teacher gave them in class some days ago. “Say the truth no matter who it hurts.” There is this hadith he also quotes for them to understand the importance of telling the truth. They were made to learn the hadith by heart too. “Jazak Allahu khairan, sister, you fulfilled your …

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Jan 09


“Ummu, I’m in the toilet,” Harun shouted. Meanwhile, he quickly entered the bathroom in his room. “Here I am, Ummu,” said Juwairiyah Ummu was arranging Abu’s food on the dinning. She turned on hearing Juwairiyah’s voice behind her. “Some banana pieces are missing from the fridge. Do you know anything about it?” Juwairiyah was at …

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Jan 02


THE MISSING BANANAS- 1 Juwairiyah and Harun Abu Sufyan are siblings. Juwairiyah is the eldest while Harun is the second child out of three and Amar being the last. Mr Abu Sufyan is referred to as Abu (father in Arabic) while their mum, Mrs Abu Sufyan is called Ummu by the family members. The Abu …

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Dec 15

The Task Overload- Short Story 11

A Story about Doing Too Much Polly and Noodle were different, even though they were friends. Polly was short and shaggy. She was constantly busy helping others. Noodle, was a tall dog. Noodle liked to do crafts and spend time with friends. Polly was constantly circling Noodle, literally and figuratively. As Noodle walked at a …

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Oct 03

All About Akhlaaq Review

Title: All About Akhlaaq Author: Sr. Nafees Khan Genre: Children Publisher: IB Publisher Inc. Release Date: 2012 Format: Hardcover Pages: 55 This was one of the books I’ve enjoyed reading with my children. I started the tradition of having it read out loud after Fajr prayer each day. This book gave a fun way for …

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Sep 08

The Hesitant Flower (Story 5)

Title: The Hesitant Flower Author: Raheemah Odusote Genre: Adult Release Date: 8th September 2016 Format: ebook Pages: 5 A Story about the importance of communicating feelings Imran Iris was crazy about Leenah Lily, but he was afraid to tell her how he felt. Was Imran doomed to be alone forever? “Leenah is so beautiful,” Imran …

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Sep 02

How to Raise Better-Behaved Children

Title: How to Raise Better-Behaved Children Author: Suruurah Olayinka Ogunfemi Format: Paperback The book is written by one of the sisters I know for a while now, and I’ve attended some of her training workshops. She is dedicated to helping parents to overcome parenting woes and stress that abound in various homes, be it, sibling …

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Aug 19

The Floating Bubble (Short Story 4)

A story about learning from the mistakes of others. Farah was a bubble waiting to be unleashed. As she waited, she made great plans for her journey soon to come. Could she make her dreams come true? Day after day, Farah sat in the soapy water bottle watching as her owner, Sara, blew other bubbles …

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