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Aug 16

A Friendship Promise

Title: A Friendship Promise Author: Ruby Moore (Umm Zakiyyah) Genre: Young Adult Publisher: Al-Walaa Release Date: 2012 Pages: 131 Maryam is the daughter of  Pakistani-American parents who has been brought up to be totally obedient to them and follow rules. Joanne, Samira’s mother got divorced and had to move back to the U.S. from Saudi …

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Aug 10

8 Important Life Skills to Teach Your Children

Although your children can learn to read and write at school, there are many beneficial life skills that schools rarely provide. These are skills that all adults and children should have. If you or anyone you know really struggles with life, odds are that there is a lack of expertise in one of these areas. …

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Aug 03

Misinformation Mayhem

A story about the perils of prattle   Sissy Spaniel listened to gossip and made decisions based on misinformation until the idle talk taught her a valuable lesson… the hard way. Bella Buns loved to eavesdrop and gab. She roamed her neighborhood hoping to hear something juicy to tell Prita and Sissy Spaniel. One day, …

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Jul 25

The Tennis Racket Fable

The Tennis Racket A Story About An Ego That Grew Too Big Babu, the tennis racket was too important for friends, until he needed some support… Babu, the tennis racket bubbled with excitement when he realized he was finally leaving his corner of the sporting goods store and heading home with Simbia, his new owner. …

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May 08

Muslim Girl Review

Title: Muslim Girl Author: Umm Zakiyyah Publisher: Al Walaa Publications Genre: Fiction   I enjoyed Muslim Girl the least so far out of Umm Zakiyyah’s published books. I guess it might be because of it been a teenager based novel. I did like the storyline, though, even when I got annoyed on the issue of …

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Mar 18


Asalam Alaikum Friends! After the review of ‘His Other Wife’ book, I thought that it would be a good idea to look at an excerpt and discuss. We can relate it to our daily lives and what lessons can be extracted. Do come along with me as we digest and ruminate. 🙂 “As-salaamu’alikum, my Aliyah-pooh!” …

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Mar 10

His Other Wife

Title:          His Other Wife Author:       Umm Zakiyyah Publisher:  Al-Walaa Publications Genre:        Fiction This is one of my best Islamic themed fiction so far. After reading Umm Zakiyyah’s ‘Hearts We Lost’ novel (which I shall also review soon), I thought it was the best but was proved wrong after reading her latest which I am …

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Feb 08

‘To Read’ Books List

Asalam alaikum Wa rahmatullah Wa barakatuhu, Friends! It surely feels good to be back. I had to sort out a lot in January, hence, the reason I was unable to post more reviews. Alhamdulillah I’m back. I have something to share with you today. You ask what? It’s about my ‘To read’ books list. I …

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Dec 12

30 Hadith for Children

Title 30 Hadith for Children (Revised Edition) Compiled By Dakwah Corner Publications Edited By Sakinah Mohamad Alhabshi I’ve dreamt of getting a book of Hadith [Sayings and Doings of the Prophet (SAW)] for the reading pleasure of my children and I. I found that in the 30 Hadith for children. It contains 30 Hadith from …

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Nov 11

The Muslim Parent’s Guide to the Early Years (0-5 years)

Title- The Muslim Parent’s Guide to the Early Years (0-5 years) Author- Umm Safiyyah bint Najmaddin The book talks about the role of parents, creating an Islamic and child-friendly home, raising healthy children, dealing with a disruptive child, intellectual development & play, child development, planning your day & activities & observing your child(ren). Most references …

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