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Dec 15

The Task Overload- Short Story 11

A Story about Doing Too Much Polly and Noodle were different, even though they were friends. Polly was short and shaggy. She was constantly busy helping others. Noodle, was a tall dog. Noodle liked to do crafts and spend time with friends. Polly was constantly circling Noodle, literally and figuratively. As Noodle walked at a …

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Oct 19

The Lazy Bird

A story about doing things right the first time. Melody the lark thought she was ready for winter, until a crow showed up in the middle of the night… Melody the singing lark lived in a perfect world! Melody lived in Happy Town and was the only bird to call that part of town home. …

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Oct 10

The Playful Pup (Short Story 8)

The Playful Pup A Story about how helping others lifts your spirits. Donnie Dog thought he lived a fulfilling life, until Bonnie Bulldog nearly lost hers… Donnie Dog and Prant Pup were next-door neighbors. They spent their days playing outdoors and exploring. Often, they chased the AbdusSobur’s cat or cornered squirrels high in the big …

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Aug 10

8 Important Life Skills to Teach Your Children

Although your children can learn to read and write at school, there are many beneficial life skills that schools rarely provide. These are skills that all adults and children should have. If you or anyone you know really struggles with life, odds are that there is a lack of expertise in one of these areas. …

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Jul 26

Bring the Joy of Reading Books Back Into Your Life

  Bring the Joy of Reading Books Back Into Your Life Reading is an excellent habit to develop. You can read about anything that interests you and acquire virtually an infinite amount of knowledge. You might not ever be able to travel to Antarctica in real life, but you can “be there” in a flash …

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May 22

Loving Audible!

Asalam Alaikum Friends, Audible is one of the best apps I’ve used in recent time. As I mentioned in my previous post ‘Apps that keep me going’, it helps me to ‘read’ a lot of books in a short period. There is no need to carry along paperbacks that weigh tonnes (though, I buy sometimes …

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Apr 06


APPS THAT KEEP ME GOING! I am not a typical phone application (App) crazy person, but I’ve come to love some of them that keep my life simple and productive. I always look out for ways to ease everyday stress and be more productive with my time. Following a hadith which says: “Not a single …

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Feb 08

‘To Read’ Books List

Asalam alaikum Wa rahmatullah Wa barakatuhu, Friends! It surely feels good to be back. I had to sort out a lot in January, hence, the reason I was unable to post more reviews. Alhamdulillah I’m back. I have something to share with you today. You ask what? It’s about my ‘To read’ books list. I …

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