Do You Believe In Your Ability?…

Do You Believe In Your Ability?

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You’re in trouble. And so am I. Here’s why…

If you believe someone when s/he says your passion or strength might not get you money or the freedom you want to do what you love, then that’s the beginning of the end for me and you.

Some years ago, I made my intention known to a writer I met through his website of how I’m planning to make money from my writing and he said I cannot make it as a writer here in Nigeria.
I allowed his bias to get me down when I read his comment on that fateful day.

I questioned my ability to make it work as a writer and because I took his opinion to heart, I felt discouraged and at a loss from where to begin.

But writing is my passion, how can I not be able to earn from it?
I beat myself up and almost gave up because of someone’s mere opinion of the path I want to thread.

What do I think now? Of course, I’ve since discovered that if I don’t want to always wallow in self-pity, then I need to believe in my ability to succeed and not measure my competency against the opinion of a supposed guru in writing.

I watched a film recently and it depicted exactly what I went through. Here’s a brief recount of the storyline.

A dancer followed a guru dancer and coach from YouTube for years and fell in love with his styles and everything and then decided to go look for him to train in his school. He left a continent to another one just to fulfill his dream. After overcoming a lot of obstacles to meet the guru coach, he finally had a breakthrough when he made a pizza delivery to the dance school.

Do you know what he got? Let’s continue with the story.

In his enthusiasm for meeting his dream mentor, he babbled all about how he has been following him and how he wanted to train with him.

The guru told him he could join him only if he could beat one of his best dancers. The guy agreed to go through the test. So, after the display, the guru declared that the aspiring dancer wasn’t good enough for his school and should come back when he was ready to be serious.

Can you just imagine what that would do to someone’s dream? The person you’ve revered and adored for years telling you that you’re not good enough for him?
It would have been the end of the dream for that person. However, the young guy took the challenge of practising and contesting against the guru. And guess what? He beat him in a dancing competition at the end!

The essence of the story is to never allow someone to deter you from your dream, even a supposed guru. It might be that you require more training or practice to get better, and not necessarily not being good enough. My advice; always stand for your dream and have the courage to go after it.

Are you following your dream? Drop a comment below because we love hearing and reading from you! <3

Your Coach,

Raheemah Odusote

2 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Your Ability?…

  1. Beautiful! What you wrote here is so true. I’ve also been told the same thing that I can’t make it as a writer in Nigeria. But here I am, following my dreams. Love your advice sis. It’s very inspiring.

    1. My beautiful, Khayra block your ears to the naysayers. They cry foul all the time. You can make it and earn beautifully as a writer. I love that you’re following your dreams. I wish you the best and loads of love in your dream pursuit.
      Jazaka’Allahu khairan for stopping by to read my piece. I truly appreciate you. <3

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