Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib


Title:                     Men & Women around the Messenger

Author:                Sa’d Yusuf Abu ‘Aziz

Translator:          Suleman Fulani


Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abdul Manaf was one of the uncles of the prophet

(SAW). He was one of the strength of Islam after his acceptance into the religion. He was known as the

lion of Allah and His Messenger. The acceptance of Islam by Hamzah came as a surprise after an

incidence involving Abu Jahl and his nephew, Muhammed (SAW). He was so annoyed at Jahl that he

struck him in the face, as he professed his belief in Allah and His prophet. The former lost some of his

teeth in the process. The Quraish really felt the absence of Hamzah on their side as one of the acclaimed

warrior of his time.

M&W A d M

M&W A d M 1

Hamzah fought gallantly on behalf of the Muslims and won many battles, such as Battle of Badr.

According to narrations, he was adorned with an ostrich plume for his bravery.

According to another narration, he killed thirty men from the Quraish tribe without any help from other

Muslim fighters in the battle of Uhud and he fought with two swords.

The fierceness with which he fought for Islam endeared me to him. He was such an example of

fearlessness in the battle front, that he gave confidence to the Muslim armies.

The end of Hamzah was not a sightly one. He was killed by a slave who was promised his freedom if he

carried out Hamzah’s death. The slave was Wahshi by name. The prophet (SAW) forbade him from

seeing his face after his conversion to Islam while he (SAW) was alive.

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