How Do You Overcome Writers Block?


Having a block during writing a blog post, book, social media post, article or any form of writing, is OKAY.

Yes, you read me right.  

I have been in a rut for the past days that I got stuck on continuing with writing my book. I started with vigour and breezed through chapters 1 to 6 without much stress. However, getting to chapter 7, I got stuck and not until recently that I got my writing mojo back.

If you find yourself in this state at any time, take the “chill pill” and slow down.

Do any of the following;

Go through the past chapters, words, paragraphs, lines you’ve written. Read them word by word and you’re sure to get back your writing sparkle.

Allow some time away from the piece of work. Do other stuff but remove your mind from the present one. This time away allows you to have a fresh perspective when you get back to it.

Do a FREE write by writing down anything that comes to you at the moment without stressing about grammatical errors, and editing; sheath your inner editing girl and just pour your heart out in your writing.

I used both the first and second tips and here I am back to my book writing.

Was this helpful?

Have you found yourself in a writers block before?

Do share how you overcame it.

6 thoughts on “How Do You Overcome Writers Block?

  1. Yes! It was helpful! I haven’t ventured out into chapter writing yet! I’m yet doing piecemeal. So each piece is different! For
    Me I need topics which inspire the mojo in me!
    I have followed step 2. A break gives us a fresher perspective!
    So I sometimes google search writing prompts! This so far has always made me spot an eye catching prompt!

    1. Salam, Sis. I’m ecstatic that the post was helpful to you. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. It means a lot to me. ❤
      Would you like me to send you some interesting writing prompts? ☺

        1. Here you are,Umayaraa.
          The 15 ideas & prompts for a short story
          1 Your character discovers a dead body or witnesses a death.
          2 Your character is orphaned.
          3 Your character’s relationship ends.
          4 Tell a story of a scar- a physical or an emotional one.
          5 Your character’s deepest fear is holding his/her relationship or career back.
          6 A character living in poverty comes into an unexpected fortune.
          7 A character unexpectedly bumps into his/her soul mate
          8 Your character is on a journey, however they are interrupted by a natural disaster or an
          9 Your character is betrayed by a childhood friend.
          10 “I accept no responsibility and I would do it all again.”
          11 She narrowed her eyes and clenched her fist. “Do not challenge me.”
          12 “You only heard his side. You don’t know the truth.”
          13 “I hate you! I never want to see your face again.”
          14 They thought I’d forget. But I remembered. Everything.
          15 “Why did you have to do that? You disgust me!”

          Let me know what you think, Sis. ❤

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