How to Raise Better-Behaved Children

How to Raise Better-Behaved Children Book Cover How to Raise Better-Behaved Children
Suruurah Olayinka Ogunfemi

The book is written by one of the sisters I know for a while now, and I’ve attended some of her training workshops. She is dedicated to helping parents to overcome parenting woes and stress that abound in various homes, be it, sibling rivalries, fights, quarrels and so on.
One of the lessons- was to focus on what you model to your children, they’ll pick up your traits. Here is an example; “You punched your Brother?” That is not what we do.”- This talk focused on the behaviour and not on the child by dishing out threats, curses, and insults. By using the negative approach, one is definitely stepping out of the boundary. This example by the author put in perspective the act of treating the behaviour rather than its conveyer.
Yelling and other forms of punishment only work for a limited time and doesn’t solve the problem permanently.
The book highlighted issues with the method of children upbringing used by most parents and gave proactive and practical solutions to them.
You just need to lay your hands on the book to get the necessary discipline tools to employ. I assure you that they are really practicable.
I implemented one of the training tools called self-calming. It is working for my son with a bit of struggle, but I intend to continue using it for him during his tantrums.
The book gives the reader tonnes of real life examples that one cannot but pick up and use because of their bright clarity.

I will recommend the book for parents, minders/care givers and teachers.

Where can you get this book, you ask? Here

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