Khadijah: The first Muslim and the wife of the Prophet

Khadijah: The first Muslim and the wife of the Prophet Book Cover Khadijah: The first Muslim and the wife of the Prophet
Resit Haylamaz
Tughra Books
1 November 2007
Kindlle edition, paperback, Audio download, Audio CD

The book is about the biography of the first wife of the prophet of Islam, Khadija. It gave the comprehensive insight of her life from her birth to her character, her marriages, her children, business activities, philanthropy works and so on.

She was a rare gem to her husband and family members and the community as a whole. She embodied all qualities that are not easy for women to achieve during her era because Arabs in the ignorance age devalued and did not respect women. Khadija (RA) supported the Prophet (SAW) from the onset of their marriage till she left this world.
She was born in the year 555CE, and her father was Khuwaylid Ibn Asad while her mother was Fatima Bint Za’idah. She was not affected by the filth of ignorance of her period. She led a chaste and dignified life. She was called Al Tahira- Pure and Clean.
I particularly love the vivid description of places as they were in that era by the author, and I felt as if I was part of that era. The life story of Khadija(RA)  will serve as a model for young and older women alike in all aspects of their lives such as humbleness-though she was from a noble home, she addressed all equally without prejudice. Some of her other enviable characters were perseverance, strength, dependability, intelligence and astute entrepreneurship. All these we need in this modern days to be able to juggle family and work lives together.
Apart from the various names in Arabic and complex family relationships, the language is simple, hence easy to listen to and understand without thinking twice . My favourite part of the story was when Umar Ibn Al-Khatab accepted Islam. It was simply beautiful. A part of the book made me shed tears due to the emotions involved. It was the strength of love between Zainab (one of Khadija’s(RA) daughters sired by the Prophet [SAW]) and her husband.
The narration gripped me and kept me listening on till the end. My least favourite part is when some of the nobles of that era tortured new reverts.
I suggest this book to everyone, including Non-Muslims because lessons from the life history of one of the greatest women who lived this earth are worth emulating. I rate this book a five out of five read. 

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15 thoughts on “Khadijah: The first Muslim and the wife of the Prophet

  1. Beautiful ma sha Allah. May Almighty Allah make us all better Muslims ‘n guide us to do right path. Can one get a soft copy of the book sis?

  2. Wow masha Allah. I have listened to the audio book thru audible too and it is sure a good listen / read. Good review sis Raheemah Odus. Keep it up.

  3. Ameen to Sis Aishat’s dua. I’ll be exploring audible too in sha Allah, shukran for the information. I like your review it makes me want to share in that vivid experience too. A typo there *chastity should be ‘chaste’…
    A great beginning sis . Baraakah lah laki ☺

  4. Masha Allaah, sister may Allaah increase you in knowledge, may your work be benificial to the muslimah at large. Jazakhumlahukhairan. I have gotten something to keep me busy during my free times in the office.

  5. We all see these acts as 1derful,have we ever try to emulate this rare gem of a woman?there is alot to take away from this great book,may Allah make it easy on us

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