Muslim Girl Review

Title: Muslim Girl

Author: Umm Zakiyyah

Publisher: Al Walaa Publications

Genre: Fiction


I enjoyed Muslim Girl the least so far out of Umm Zakiyyah’s published books. I guess it might be because of it been a teenager based novel. I did like the storyline, though, even when I got annoyed on the issue of Inaya quickly letting go of her hijab. I’m not judgemental here, lol. I just wonder how it came so easily for her. Okay, let me give her a slack, she was a teenager after all and we do all sorts at that stage of our lives 🙂

Muslim Girl

The story is about Inaya, an American teenager who lived in Saudi Arabia with her Mum, Veronica for seven years when they later returned to the United States of America. As a Muslim youth just returning to her country after several years in a foreign land, she found it hard and confusing to identify herself as one in her new environment and school.

Her desire to please a particular boy and not to be singled out like a sore finger in her school prompted her to take the decision of removing her hijab. A double life was created by that decision- a covered girl at home and a hijab-less ‘regular girl in school. She eventually stood up for her identity as a Muslim.

The writer did an excellent job of portraying the struggles of a Muslim teen that is very real and relatable. I recommend this book to the Muslim teens struggling with their identities as Muslims.

Are you one like Inaya that had to live a double life due to the fear of being stereotyped? Drop your comments below on your thoughts and we shall get back to you.

6 thoughts on “Muslim Girl Review

  1. Hmmmm. That was awesome and deep. That is exactly the situation a lot of teenagers found themselves in at one time or the other. And life becomes a bit difficult for them because they cannot identify with who they truly are.
    I believe this book will go a long way to build their courage to pull through in such situations. Jazakillah khair for sharing.

    1. Asalam Alaikum, dear sister. It’s so true. They go through a lot that they get confused or pressured sometimes. May Allah (SWT) make it easy for them all. Ameen. Jazak’Allahu khairan for reading. Much <3.

  2. Don’t blame Inaya too much, every teenager goes through peer pressure at one point or the other. What about us adults, in our various professional fields? Don’t we compromise our Islam sometimes due to social pressure. As a lawyer, I’ve found myself reducing the length of my hijab on official functions. It didn’t feel right, but you console urself that its temporary. May Allah strengthen our Eeman, amin.

    1. Ameen, may He strengthen our iman. Hmmmmm….you are right, sister. There was a time I let someone talk me into using a scarf to an interview for a job, instead of a hijab. I hated myself afterwards when I wasn’t given the offer.

  3. I think it is very,very important to impact the fear ness of Allah in our girls heart, let them know the really purpose and benefit of using ijab so that when they find their self in our that type of situation,they will know how to hand it. Allahu must an.

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