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Out of Place & Other short  stories ebook

Have You Being Betrayed?

The short stories collection ebook launched on 30th May 2020 revolves around friendship, bullying, love, family connections, deceit and drug abuse.

There’s always that feeling of anger and betrayal when the person you hold dear to your heart does the unthinkable.

The betrayal hits you like a tonne of bricks that you sometimes feel paralysed and powerless on whether to respond or react.

How would you react if you find yourself in such a situation?

Find out what happened between Musa and Amal in one of the short stories featured in Out of Place and other short stories ebook.

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Upcoming book: Taken For Granted

When catastrophe strikes, a socialite wife and mother of two loses everything she never knew was valuable. The only way to regain a fraction of it, is by taking a path she has shunned her entire life.

Stay tuned!!