My Life As It is…Series III


“I know who stole the meat from the pot,” I finally blurted out as I imagined Mr White landing on my buttocks with a dull sound and inflicting the most unbearable painful pain possible. “I know..” I raised my right hand as if I was in the class waiting to answer a question.
My mother’s hand with the cane froze in midair above my head and her eyes sent daggers at me as if telling me, ‘ it better be good!’ I felt the searing eyes of my siblings on my body, daring not to look in their direction for the fear of recrimination. They must hate me now because I almost got them beaten by mother when I knew who the culprit was all the while.
“Out with it then!” mother screeched. “I don’t have all day.”
“Erhm…,” I stammered. How am I going to tell mother it was possibly Laila who took the meat and not somehow get involved in the drama itself? The whole episode could turn against me so fast that it might make me spin with dizziness. “ I think Laila must have taken it..”
“What?!” the chorus chime from mother and my brothers made me raise my bent head to be sure I was in the right place.
What now?
“Laila?” the question was from mother who has somehow lowered her hand to her side where it held the cane limply. I felt my eyes rounded in fear, is mother going to believe me or not?

Stay tuned for another installation next week.

Do you think Laila would own up to the accusation?

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