Open Your Mind and Thrive (Short Story 7)

A story about the benefits of an open mind.

Meem Marsh Wren argued against new ideas until his friends found great success by embracing a satisfying new adventure while he just went hungry…

Bonnie and Benny, Blue Herons, liked to explore new things and places. They recently heard about how cattail plants were growing in Mellow Marsh. They decided to invite their friends, Molly and Meem—both Marsh Wrens—to accompany them to the Marsh.


Molly squealed, “I’d love to go, especially when cattails are in bloom!”

Meem looked suspiciously at his friends. “It’s great right here at Paradise Pond. Why go all the way over to the Marsh? We’ve got plenty of mosquitoes to eat in our own backyard.”

“It’ll be fun and I want to enjoy the weather and chat along the way. I’m sure we’ll find something to eat at the Marsh,” explained Molly encouragingly.

“I agree,” Benny replied. “Who knows what we’ll find on such an adventure?”

Molly said, “Come on, Meem. It’ll be fantastic!”

Meem harrumphed. “No thanks, I’m staying here where the water’s nice and lunch is nearby.”

Bonnie, Benny, and Molly headed for Mellow Marsh. Upon arrival, they couldn’t believe their eyes! The mosquitoes swarmed everywhere and marsh grasses clumped perfectly for perching. They stuffed themselves and then perched to watch the world go by. They made several new friends, too. It was heavenly!

When they got home, Meem asked, “What took so long?”

“Oh, Meem, Mellow Marsh was wonderful!” Molly gasped. “We ate and watched the Marsh activity and then we ate again. Millions of tender mosquitoes surrounded us! We made new friends, too!”

Meem sighed. “I only caught 3 mosquitoes the whole time! I’m going on the next adventure,” Melvin said as his stomach growled.

Have you been adamant on staying in your comfort zone for so long and scared of venturing out?

Please, let’s hear your thoughts. 🙂

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