Productivity: 5 Tips On Being Productive As A Blogger/Writer


5 Tips On Being Productive As A Blogger/Writer

As a writer and owner of a blog, I’ve looked for ways to improve my blogging and writing productivity. When I found a course teaching this, I jumped in. I gained a lot that has tremendously improved my productivity in my blogging and writing life.

Productivity is a very common word we bloggers use freely and almost all the time. You hear- I’ve got to be productive to get the hang on how to use social media to make money. Also, I need to be productively active in my writing and so on.

What is Productivity?
It is concentrating 100% on a particular task until you accomplish it and is basically one of your big goals. And I totally agree with the definition. Because it is only when you’re hitting your big goals that you’re being productive. Got it?

Here are some activities/habits that you could inculcate into your blogging to have a blast at being productive.

Unfollow people and groups from Facebook except your business page and any other one, two or three groups that add to your growth.

I know you will say What?! Unfollow? Yes, I didn’t say it wrongly. The thing is that we join so many groups and faceless people on Facebook that we don’t have time to even communicate with them. What happens is that all their news feed flow to you every time they post or their friends post. Which makes the temptation to keep scrolling  through the post great. Which invariably leads to time wasting on insignificant tasks.

☆ Secondly, stick to only one or two advisors, too many coaches or advisors will overwhelm you and distract you from your goals or even get you muddled up and you end up not knowing where to start from.

I was in the same dilemma until I had to limit the people I follow and look up to on the social media arena to mainly three.

☆ Thirdly, have a clear focus of what you want. If you don’t know what you want to achieve, then how do you go about achieving it? So, to conquer this obstacle, you need to answer the following questions:
>Does this task I’m about to do connect to my big goal?
>Will anything happen if I didn’t do this task?
>What is on my list that if done will give me satisfaction for the day?

☆ The fourth way you can stay productive is by actually sitting down and planning what your big goals are and writing them out (actually write them down and not keep them in your brains) and then planning how you are going to be chipping at them piece by piece in bite sized style.

It will further help by having dates attached to the goals/tasks.

☆ The last and not the least way to be more productive is to turn off all notifications on Apps, alerts on phones and sounds. The mentioned distractions are enough to detract us from our intended tasks.
There are days I get distracted by my phone beeps that I almost get nothing done for the rest of the day. When this happens, I change my phone ringtone to mute and then set a fixed time to get truly focused and get tasks done.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  Do share with your friends and loved ones that you think may need them.

What other tips do you use to keep your productivity level high? Do share with me so that I can also learn more ways to be on top of my tasks.


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