Say Yes To A Writing Schedule

Say Yes To A Writing Schedule

Wouldn’t it be nice to just slide into writing as you pick up your pen and paper or laptop?

Most writers rarely keep a writing schedule. We just expect to pick up our writing materials and start writing without prior apportioning time and place for the task.

Here are some habits I’ve formed along the way in my writing sojourn. If you want to be on top of your writing , you can adopt all or any of the tips below.

• Setting a time for writing

I’ve started this practice of allocating time for my craft and I’ve seen a huge difference in my writing. I got the idea from a fellow writer, Tim Grahl who advised that as writers we need to keep a time we write as sacred so that our minds are already in the state to write.
I now wake up by 5 am daily and apportion 30 minutes to writing.

• Have on hand the topic you want to write about

Having a topic before sitting down to write is another way of helping one get organised about writing. It sets the mind on what to be accomplished while also knowing within the time to write it as stated in the first tip.

For example, this article was among a list of topics i have planned to write for my blog this month before hand. And the process of writing it now is just a breeze.

• When you feel you can’t write any further on a day, set your timer for 5 minutes and do a free writing of any stuff on your mind. It works great to remove the perceived writer’s block.

• A comfortable chair and table to write on, with good or natural lightening are other tools that can make a huge difference to your writing schedule.

A little tweak here and there to the way we do things often create an impactful shift.

I hope these tips help get your writing schedule organised and productive.

Do you have a writing schedule or a sacred writing time? Come over and share it with us on the comment box below. We love reading from you.



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