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Mar 01

My Life As It Is… Series II

..”Yes, mother,” we all chorused as my brothers and I lined up just outside the kitchen door with mother holding a stick cream in colour and as thick as my middle finger. Mother gave it a name too- Mr White. When you hear – ‘ get me Mr White’ then get ready for a painful …

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Jan 23


Harun remembered the advice his teacher gave them in class some days ago. “Say the truth no matter who it hurts.” There is this hadith he also quotes for them to understand the importance of telling the truth. They were made to learn the hadith by heart too. “Jazak Allahu khairan, sister, you fulfilled your …

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Jan 09


“Ummu, I’m in the toilet,” Harun shouted. Meanwhile, he quickly entered the bathroom in his room. “Here I am, Ummu,” said Juwairiyah Ummu was arranging Abu’s food on the dinning. She turned on hearing Juwairiyah’s voice behind her. “Some banana pieces are missing from the fridge. Do you know anything about it?” Juwairiyah was at …

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Jul 20

The Rose Garden Tale

  I am doing a series of short stories for your warmly pleasure :). My hope is for you to learn one or more things from them. You can absolutely share them if you find them interesting! There’s love in sharing :). Here goes: A Story About Being Truthful Rabi, the rosebud basked in the …

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