Tender fall

Tender Fall

Asalam alaikum friend,

I need your help to vote for my short story to be published in Short Fiction Break.

Vote below for my story- Tender Fall by Raheemat Afegbua. It’s number 5 on the list from the top.

I’m counting on you and thank you. 😊

Here’s an excerpt from the story

Still unhooked in my late twenties, my parents threatened to get me married to the next responsible guy they choose for me and I gave them the go ahead.

In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would still be single. I planned my wedding with Mubarak so meticulously in my daydreams it looked and felt so real- I unconsciously drove away any other suitable suitor.

I didn’t care anymore who I married as the news from Nasir had finally dashed away my years of secretly hoping to be Mubarak’s wife.

As I looked out of my room window, my eyes strayed to the tree outside. Leaves, the colour of brown and yellow swirled round and round as the wind buffeted them far away from their branches. Nasir’s voice from earlier that day echoed back the news that shattered my heart into tiny pieces.

“Asalam alaikum, Samrah,” Nasir said as the phone connection crackled in my right ear. “I bear good news”.

“What’s the news?” I asked, clueless to what was to come. I was always eager to hear from Nasir because of the news he bore of his brother. My heart beat thudded against my rib cage as my heart sang a melodious tune, waiting to hear about my Mubarak.

Calm down, Samrah!

“Mubarak is getting married soon.”

A chill passed through me as though my insides were made of ice.



Go here to read full story and vote for me http://shortfictionbreak.com/tender-fall/

How to vote

  1. Go to http://shortfictionbreak.com/fall-17
  3. Fill the pop up form with your choice ( I am at Number 5)

Thank you!

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