Juwairiyah and Harun Abu Sufyan are siblings. Juwairiyah is the eldest while Harun is the second child out of three and Amar being the last. Mr Abu Sufyan is referred to as Abu (father in Arabic) while their mum, Mrs Abu Sufyan is called Ummu by the family members.

The Abu Sufyan family are practicing Muslims. The parents taught the children the aklaaq (good manners) in Islam. They follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah in all their doings. Juwairiyah and Harun knew the weight of telling lies as taught to them by their parents.

One hot afternoon, after having lunch, the children went to play in the garden. Ummu was in her room upstairs busy with baby Amar. Harun was thinking of the bananas he saw Ummu kept in the refrigerator some minutes ago.

I would love to have some of those yummy bananas. thought Harun. The more Harun thought of the bananas the more tempted he was to go and take it without taking permission from his mother.
Mum will not see me take the banana, Harun thoughts continued. I’ll just take it and hide behind the sofa to eat it.
After a few minutes of Harun’s thoughts, he went to the fridge to take two pieces of the bananas and hid them behind him. Juwairiyah was in the garden playing with her dolls when she suddenly realized that Harun was no longer in the garden with her.

“Where could my brother be?” Juwairiyah asked herself.

As Harun was eating the bananas behind the sofa, Juwairiyah suddenly appeared in the sitting room and saw Harun with the bananas.

“Where did you get the bananas from?” asked Juwairiyah.

“Hmmm…..I……..”stammered Harun. Ple….Please, don’t tell Ummu,” pleaded Harun.
Juwairiyah agreed not to tell their mum as Harun asked.

When it was time for Maghrib (sunset prayer), Ummu called out for Abu to come and break his fast before observing his solah (prayer). On getting to the fridge to bring out the bunch of bananas, Ummu realised there were two spots where bananas were missing.

“Juwairiyah! Harun! Come here both of you,” called Ummu.
Juwairiyah rushed out of her room when she heard her mother’s call.

“Na’am, Ummu,” she replied. Harun, on the other hand, felt panic as he instinctively knew the reason their mother was calling them. He refused to leave his room, so he lied.

To be continued next week.

Can you relate with what Harun did? I remembered a time I had to take a story book from my primary school library without my teacher’s permission. The reason was simply because I wasn’t given enough time to read the book and I was desperate to finish it. The end didn’t justify the means anyway. I regretted it later when I understood my action.

Do you have any childish naughtiness to share? 🙂

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