“Ummu, I’m in the toilet,” Harun shouted. Meanwhile, he quickly entered the bathroom in his room.

“Here I am, Ummu,” said Juwairiyah

Ummu was arranging Abu’s food on the dinning. She turned on hearing Juwairiyah’s voice behind her.

“Some banana pieces are missing from the fridge. Do you know anything about it?”

Juwairiyah was at a loss for words and didn’t know what to do or say. I have promised Harun not to tell on him, what do I do? She thought. Ummu looked impatiently at her, and Juwairiyah was yet to decide on what to say.

“I asked you a question, Juwairiyah. Please, answer me.”

“Erhm…I…it’s  hmm…,” Juwairiyah stammered. Ummu frowned, trying to comprehend what Juwairiyah was saying.

“Where is Harun?” asked Ummu

“He is in his room.”

“Go and get him, please!”

Juwairiyah was relieved to leave Ummu’s presence. “It was getting tough,” murmured Juwairiyah.

Juwairiyah stepped into Harun’s room, looked at his bed to see if he was lying down. He was not on it. She looked at the study area, Harun was not in sight. Then she heard water running from the bathroom area and went close to the door.

“Harun, are you there?”

Harun was by the wash hand basin rinsing his hands, and he froze when he heard Juwairiyah’s voice. Should I pretend not to hear her? Or should I answer? He debated this within himself. He concluded to come out of the bathroom.

Juwairiyah looked at her brother and felt sorry for him. She wished he could be saved from the scolding Ummu was going to give him.

“Ummu wants you.”

Agitated, Harun said, “Did she ask about the bananas?”

“Yes,” Juwairiyah replied.

“And what did you tell her?”

“I couldn’t tell her you took it.”

To be continued..

Hmm.. the story is getting heated, isn’t it?

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