Harun remembered the advice his teacher gave them in class some days ago.

“Say the truth no matter who it hurts.”

There is this hadith he also quotes for them to understand the importance of telling the truth. They were made to learn the hadith by heart too.

“Jazak Allahu khairan, sister, you fulfilled your promise, and I am grateful for that.”

Juwairiyah felt happy that she was able to help her brother. Looking sober, Harun said, “I am going to tell Ummu that I took the bananas, and ready to accept any punishment she gives.”

“Ma Sha Allah, Harun,” said Juwairiyah. “That is the best thing to do. I am proud of you.” Juwairiyah gave Harun a hug with a pat on his back. Juwairiyah thought, Alhamdu Lillah, thank You, Allah, for such a wonderful brother.

Harun felt confident from his sister’s encouraging words and the cuddling hug. He smiled and went downstairs to the dining area where Ummu and Abu sat chatting, with Juwairiyah at his heels. His sister had decided to give him moral support when he faced their mother.

“Asalam alaikum, Ummu and Abu,” greeted Harun.

“Wa Alaikum Salam,” the parents replied in unison. Before Ummu could utter a word, Harun took a deep breath and launched into his confession.

“I am the one that took the two pieces of bananas missing from the bunch,” Harun said, looking downcast at his feet.

Ummu turned to look at Abu, as he returned her look. There was a pleasant surprise on their faces. Abu was the first to reply. “ Ma Sha Allah Tabarak Allah, Harun, that was a good thing to do and a brave one at that. It is not easy to confess to wrongdoing.” Abu’s face was beaming with pride. “But, do you know that what you did was wrong?”

Harun expected a scolding after his admission but was surprised when Abu praised him instead. With excitement in his voice and a remorseful face, he said, “Yes, Abu. I know it was wrong to take the bananas without asking Ummu for them.”

Ummu felt glad that her children were taking to right habits and prayed to Allah (SWT) always to guide them to be good in their character, sayings and doings.

Ummu directed a question to both Juwairiyah and her brother. “What do you do when you want something from both Abu and me?”

“We ask you first!” Juwairiyah and Harun replied together. There was laughter from all at the way they both answered in unison as if they had rehearsed it. Baby Amar joined in the merriment with his baby language “Blah, blah, blah.”


  • Always say the truth no matter what may come out of saying it.

  • Always remember that Allah (SWT) loves those who repent immediately they commit a mistake or

  • Do not take something that does not belong to you without permission from the owner.

Look out for the other series in Juwairiyah and Harun Abu Sufyan stories.


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