The Playful Pup (Short Story 8)

The Playful Pup

A Story about how helping others lifts your spirits.

Donnie Dog thought he lived a fulfilling life, until

Bonnie Bulldog nearly lost hers…

Donnie Dog and Prant Pup were next-door neighbors. They spent their days playing outdoors and exploring. Often, they chased the AbdusSobur’s cat or cornered squirrels high in the big baobab trees that separated their yards.

One day, Prant Pup said, “I’m tired of doing the same old things. Let’s find something new to do. My mom told me that helping others will make me a happier pup. She said, ‘Your life will mean more. You’ll never know how things can change until you volunteer to aid another.’


Donnie said, “Well, if I want to be happy, I can just chase my tail or eat more treats. Why go to all the trouble of helping another?

As they sauntered down the street, Prant and Donnie heard a high-pitched howl coming from Bonnie Bulldog’s house. Prant Pup exclaimed excitedly, “C’mon! Let’s go see if Bonnie needs help!

Donnie wasn’t sure about helping, but when he saw Prant loping toward the house, he followed.

Luckily, they arrived in time to grab the table leg that had collapsed onto Bonnie using Prant’s sharp teeth and Donnie’s strength. They quickly pulled the table off Bonnie and her pups. “Are you okay?” Prant asked.

Oh, Donnie and Prant, you saved us! My puppies and I would have been crushed if you two hadn’t shown up. How will I ever thank you?” Bonnie said, shaking all over as she licked her puppies lovingly.

I’m so happy we were nearby,” said Donnie, feeling he could conquer anything.

Donnie and Prant looked at each other, realizing they’d done something that really mattered. They felt great joy and confidence as they trotted back home to play.

Help others and your spirits will soar.

How do you feel after you extend a helping hand to others?

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