The Rose Garden Tale


I am doing a series of short stories for your warmly pleasure :). My hope is for you to learn one or more things from them. You can absolutely share them if you find them interesting! There’s love in sharing :).

Here goes:

A Story About Being Truthfulrose2

Rabi, the rosebud basked in the care of her expert gardener, until she chose not to bloom…
Rabi loved being a budding red rose in Mrs. Ni’mah’s rose garden because she saw how excited Mrs. Ni’mah was about the garden getting ready to bloom. She loved the role she played in somebody else’s happiness.

Although Rabi loved making Mrs. Ni’mah happy, she was even happier because she was so pampered. Mrs. Ni’mah loyally watered the flower buds and fed them with plant food so they didn’t have to fend for themselves.

Rabi often wondered why a rose would ever want to bloom after such wonderful treatment. After all, blooming meant the end of this pampering until next blooming season.

One day, Rabi said to Leenah, who was next to her in the garden, “Mrs. Ni’mah treats us so well! I wish she could pamper us like this forever!”

Leenah replied, “Forever? That’s impossible! As flowers, we’re supposed to bloom when the time comes. It’s our job!”

But Rabi so enjoyed the wonderful care Mrs. Ni’mah provided that she didn’t want it to stop. So she decided to keep her petals folded, even when the other flowers bloomed.

Rose bud
When Mrs. Ni’mah noticed that Rabi wasn’t blooming, she watered Rabi even more and Rabi basked in the special treatment.

Little did Rabi know that because Mrs. Ni’mah watered her excessively, her roots would begin to weaken. When her foundation started to weaken, life became miserable for Rabi because she had lost her chance to bloom as beautifully as all the other flowers.

She cried, “I feel terrible! I should’ve been more honest with Mrs. Ni’mah by blooming when I was supposed to. If I had not been selfish, I wouldn’t be so crooked now, and she wouldn’t be sad.”
Moral: Avoid letting selfish reasons get in the way of honesty. In the end, the truth will help you thrive.

Little did she know that being selfish would result in the weakening of her foundation.


Hmmm….What do you think happened to Rabi, the rose bud? Was she too greedy for more affection? Drop your comments below and I shall respond to all. I love reading from you. 🙂

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