The Windy Hill- Story 10

Wendell Wind loved to listen to the whispers and howls he made by blowing through the oaks’ branches. Because the oak trees grew on the hilltop, Wendell played his music whenever he wanted. His winds blew more and more.

Otis Oak Tree pleaded, “Wendell, could you reduce your wind power? You’re ruining our blooms. Our branches are breaking. My oak tree friends are suffering because of your intensity.

Ha,” said Wendell. “I can blow as hard as I want whenever I want, just because I can.


After two months of Wendell’s wrath, Otis met with the trees and squirrels. “Sam, we need help,” Otis said to the Squirrel President.

You’ve seen the troubles the Wind causes. Will you ask the squirrels to transport our acorns into the valley? We’ll stop growing up here on the hilltop and spread into the valley instead where the Wind won’t reach. We’ll drop plenty of acorns since you squirrels love to hide them for later.

Sam said, “We’ll start tomorrow. We’ll bury every acorn in the valley. Thanks, Otis!

Soon, new oak trees sprouted in the valley. The hilltop had not one new oak tree. “Oh, no,” said Wendell Wind. “There are not enough branches left. I can’t play my music!

I need new oak trees and fast,” Wendell ordered Otis the next day.

We’ll grow no more oaks up here,” countered Otis.

Why not? Simply tell the hilltop trees to drop more acorns. Order the squirrels to hide them up here.

No, I won’t,” Otis said defiantly. “We’re moving to the valley.

Why?” inquired Wendell.

Just because we can,” quipped Otis.

Before you exercise power, consider its effects on others. What are your thoughts on this?

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