Using Writing to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Writing is the oldest way of communication as far as we could remember. It helps to put our thoughts into perspective. In such a way that we are able to dissect them one at a time so that our thoughts are closely scrutinised.

Going the old fashion way of using paper and pen is the best way to do this. Shun the electronics for this exercise.

I’ve realised that whenever my thoughts are all over the place or jumbled together trying to hold so much information at once, I get relief from transferring them from my head through my pen and hand onto paper.

It’s the most liberating experience ever! This act does the following:

❤It offloads your tension from your head onto paper.
❤It unclogs the brain from uncountable negative information accumulated over time.
❤It allows you to see your emotions on paper with deep clarity.



What to do?

  • Get a sturdy notebook or personalised journal (I’ve got a beautiful one which gives me the inspiration to pour out my heart on it)
  • Get colourful pens if you’re the type who loves creating with colours. You can use an ordinary ball pen too.
  • Reflect on what is disturbing you by writing down the negative emotion going through you. Describe it as best as you can. They don’t look as bad after putting them on paper, right?
  • After the outpour, ask yourself these simple questions;

♡Why am I feeling these emotions?
♡ Can I do anything about it? If yes, what?
♡What are the emotions here to teach me?
♡Take the lessons and let every other thing go.

For example, when I shout and snap at my children, I know the outburst of emotion might be as a result of hunger, stress or hormones. I can do something about it by eating food to quench my hunger or take time away from the kids to relax or just chill out by taking a walk outside the house.

The emotions are there to teach me that I should know my stress limit to avoid outbursts or ensure I eat right to avoid hunger pangs to strike before taking action. Or to be aware and know when I’m going through a surge of hormones during my monthly cycles.

The lessons might be that I can always control those things within my control such as eating at the right time and taking a rest when needed.

Have you ever used writing to analyse your negative feelings?

If yes, how?

If no, why not?

Share this wide and far with your loved ones or those you feel need to read this piece.

Much love

Your Coach,

Raheemah Odusote


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