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Which Writer’s fear do you have?

Peace be onto you,

Have you ever doubted your writing? Or gone “I’m not good enough” on yourself. Or I’m a fraud? Have you had that creeping fear of failure cripple you up to the point you wanted to give up?
What would you think if I said these feelings are all part of the writing process for writers?
Yes, they are.

I’ve been reading a book by Joanna Penn, who’s fast becoming one of my fave author. In her book- The successful author mindset, she explained the different stages of mind set creatives go through while creating their world of art.

As I read, I’ve found that even the established writers and authors that have made names and sold millions of copies of their books still go through one, two or more of these mind sets.

In essence, the book has laid my mind to rest that it’s okay to feel those emotions and that I just need to allow them sometimes.

One of mine, is self doubt. I sometimes second guess my ability to write a gripping and satisfying story. After writing a story, I beat myself up about it been good enough to be put out in the world. Though, I’m getting used to sharing more and more of my work, it does take continuous putting one’s work out there to kick the self doubt away.

Another one I enjoyed reading about was the inner critic. We all have that in each of us. The ‘who do you think will read this?”, “This story is full of rubbish”, ” don’t tell me you’re going to publish that? Argh!” There are always ways our inner critics play havoc with our minds.

The most interesting part of the book is that she doled out the solutions to each of the mindset problems. You can check the book out here.

What do you think about writer mindset? Which of the mind set do you have? Hit reply and let me in on your thoughts. ☺

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