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You’re the Best kept secret

I look at you coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs and I feel you might be your own downfall. 

Stay with me here…

You’re knowledgeable, smart, industrious and the best brains, however, you play too small and you’re the best kept secret because you’re not known. 

Let’s analyse this…see those big shots that have made it in your niches? 

The part of what did it for them was to make the intention to spread their tentacles and be known. 


By writing their books to reach a wider audience who are ready to be transformed by their messages. 

In the leadership arena, Robin Sharma has affected millions of lives with his book, the 5am club.

In the coaching space, Steve Chandler’s several books have shown him to be the ‘go to’ coach for the best coaching experience. 

And there are so many more out there.

So, why are you playing small?

If there are some doubts holding you back from sharing your knowledge, expertise, and gift through a book, I’m here to help you overcome them.

Click the link in my Bio titled “let’s meet” or here: and then take it from there.

I look forward to having a conversation with you.

Much ❤


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