Zainab- Daughter of the Prophet

Zainab Book Cover Zainab
Daughter of the Prophet
Sr. Nafees Khan
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I have wanted to review a book on Zainab (R.A.), one of the Prophet's daughters and couldn't until I found this book at the Peace & Unity Convention I attended on the 3rd and 4th of this month. It was a soul uplifting experience. That story is for another day.

Zainab is the first in the series of Daughter of the Prophet. The author Sister Nafees Khan did an excellent job of portraying the period of Zainab's life through description and pictures that looked inviting.

The story was told in simple and definite sentences which children would easily understand when they read the book or when read to them. The author told the story in such a way that it flows from the day of her birth, her childhood during the Jahiliyah (Ignorance) period, to before revelation and her marriage and then her life after revelation.

I have always enjoyed reading about Zainab's (R.A) married life to her husband, Abu al 'Aas. Theirs was a romantic union that needed to be emulated to assist the marriages of our time to grow stronger rather than the state they are in . Zainab (R.A) had to save her husband twice from captivity because of the love they had for one another before he finally accepted Islam.

I plan to read to my younger children and allow the older ones read on their own. I know it would serve as a way to motivate my daughters to have role models they can emulate which they need to build their self-confidence.

The book is for the younger readers, but adults can also read it because it isn't bulky and can be completed within half an hour for an avid reader and possibly one hour for the less enthusiastic reader. The portability of the book makes it easier for children to handle.

You can check the book out here for purchase.

Have you read about Zainab(R.A) story before now? If yes, what did you enjoy most about it?

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